With the Orca (the renewed version of the well-known Versatile) we have chosen for more comfort, better driving characteristics and safety. The Orca has a completely enclosed transmission. It's a unique system which allows you to experience thousands of maintenance-free and carefree kilometers of cycling enjoyment. The Orca is very well suited for the daily commuting traffic, long vacation trips and everything in between. All three wheels mounted on one side (20"- 406) are cushioned. The wheels have been attached to the self-supporting chassis by means of special elastic elements, so that vibrations from the road are not transferred to the chassis. The front wheels are equipped with drum brakes Ø 70mm, at extra cost Ø 90mm drum brakes or Magura Big Twin disc brakes are available, the rear wheel always comes with a Ø 90mm hard anodized aluminum drum brake (forever free from rust) that serves as a parking brake. Getting into the Orca is easy due to the large hinged lid which can be opened and the absence of a steering wheel in the middle. The steering takes place by using two handles that have been placed on top of the front wheel arches. This soon feels familiar and requires little practice. An additional benefit is that you can steer with a single hand, left or right or by using both hands at the same time. Because the bottom bracket and the seat are adjustable, people of 1.65 up to 2.00 meter can fit in the Orca. If you want to learn more, visit the website of


Length: 529124636
Width: 5291204637
Height: 5291274638
Weight: 5291224639